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"Delivery went great....we will send more pictures in the spring. Thank-You Sandy Green" - Craig from Three Rivers, MI
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I would like to tell you about the amazing experience I had with General RV. We decided to look into pop up campers after yet another wet tent camping experience. Since this was going to be our first RV we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. That led us to searching on Craigs List. After reviewing the list of campers from various years and in various conditions we decided that it would be best to check out a dealer. A friend who recently purchased a pop up at your White Lake location urged us to check out your website. I was quickly impressed by the selection and all of the photos of each unit. There was one pop up that caught our attention so I submitted a request for information.
I was contacted later that day by Mario in your Internet Sales department. He was very informative and was able to set up an appointment for me at the Birch Run location. He told me to ask for Chris when I got up there and recommended that I put a deposit on the unit in order to hold it. I spoke with Chris on Monday morning to confirm my appointment for that evening and I was assured that they were going to take good care of us.
When we arrived Chris set us up with Noah who showed us the unit that I put a deposit on as well as several other units. He spent just as much time with us as if we were looking at something costing over $100k. He truly understood our budget as well as what we were looking for in an RV and really took good care of us.
Then we sat down with Mark and he went over our insurance and warranty options. He even took the time to blow our daughter’s mind with a magic trick.
When we came back to pick up our camper, Noah greeted us quickly and let us know that it would be just a few minutes before we would go back to see it. In the mean time we wandered through the parts department and Lori quickly offered assistance and started showing us all the cool accessories that are available to us first time owners.
Mike then came out to get us so he could show us around the camper. We were blown away by how well he cleaned it up and had it ready to go. He took the time to show us everything and answer all of our questions. Again spending as much time with us as if we were making a much bigger purchase.
We hit a local campground the following evening and fell even more in love with our camper. So much so that we will be in it again next weekend.
To sum it all up, everyone we met along this journey was the full embodiment of what a family owned business should be. They were all generous with their time and made us feel that we are a part of the family. Even though it wasn’t a big purchase compared to the giant RVs on their showroom it was a huge purchase decision for our family and they understood that. I am grateful for all the folks we met at General and I can understand why my buddy recommended them to us.
- Alan from Oxford, MI
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This was truly a timely gift from God. I so needed to be away and in nature for a few days. I needed something that would allow me to care for my frail dependent mother and still have a nature experience. An RV was the thing that allowed us to do this. This was my 1st RV experience, Mom's too! I called July 5th to inquire on my desired RV & need for wanting something that week. I had such an itch to get away in nature and behind just the RV I had researched and found out the RV was available! The rental rep I spoke to was as accommodating as well as the service tech that cleaned the RV. Mom and I had a wonderful and memorable 4 days - I'll never forget it. The timing was perfect. Thank you for making it possible for us to go. - Janice from Wixom, MI
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We searched the internet and found this layout from Open Range that we loved. We found it in three different states at three different dealers. General RV in Michigan gave us a fantastic deal and saved us over $15,000.00. The trip was worth the deal! Thanks Matt! - Tommy from Richwood, WV
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My wife and I had been on the search for an RV for just about a year. We ended up doing alot of Internet searching through north America & found the best selection of RV's @ General RV. I started chatting online line with Matt Olds "The Savings Ranger". Thanks to Matt, I finally had a decision made on the style of RV I was going with.
Then the big one, prices. This ended up being the easiest part of the whole thing. Matt was very forward with pricing and after getting the initial prices from him did further research and no one else was even in the ballpark.
We are from Edmonton, Alberta & have a one year old daughter. The unit we decided on was in Michigan. We thought it would be a good family trip to drive it 4000km across the country for a vacation.
Matt had to work for his money now, The Lindberg's were coming for their RV. He went more than out of his way to accommodate our schedules and lack of knowledge on what we were getting into. From cross border paperwork, prepping the RV, tracking us on our flights, picking us up at the airport, having everyone in place at the dealership to make an efficient delivery, taking us shopping for basic necessities & arranging supper for us, setting up the RV for the night (ready to go) in the dealership lot and arriving back at the RV early in the morning to ensure everything was good & brought the on site techs to the camper to answer any final questions we came up with through the the night. I would like all to know (including the dealership), How much time out of Matts personal schedule he put into this sale.
We would like to thank Matt Olds & General RV for all of the "Extra" efforts put into this experience. I would strongly recommend that if you are in the market for an RV to contact Matt & I for one would not put the extra effort into looking anywhere else again on my next purchase. Thanks Matt.
- Tim from Edmonton, AB
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We attended the RV Sports Show in Salt Lake City, UT, last weekend. The people at General RV are the greatest. We were not sure exactly what we wanted. Edna was so patient and understanding. As we wandered thru all the 5th wheels there was always someone there to answer any questions. They were just awesome. I can not remember everyone that helped us, but I do know that we spoke with Brian, Mike, Rhett, Ken and of course Edna. We put a deposit on a 5th wheel. After we got home we decided it was to long for what we wanted. We held our breath as I called to tell them that we wanted to go with something smaller. There was no need for worry. They were the best and even told us that if we found something that was not at general rv we would get our deposit back. Of course the customer service was so great that we just transferred the deposit to a smaller 5th wheel that fit our needs perfectly. They even gave me a call on Mon. to let me know how things were going with the sale and delivery of our new 5th wheel. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT GENERAL RV AND TO EDNA IN MICHIGAN. - Terry from Salt Lake City, UT
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Hi...We just want to send a note about one of your salepeople RYAN SWEENEY at the Brownstown store.."he should be given recognition" for an OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE! We first had contact with him 2 yrs ago when we bought our 5th wheel, he was great then, had lots of patience with us and to this day he has kept the same attitude and follow up that is so important for good relations with your customers....we do hope this will be directed to the right people so they will take note of this....sincerely, - David from Taylor, MI
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Dear John, Walter & staff: We would like to thank everyone for all your help with our pop-up. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. We would like to let you know how much we truly appreciate your pleasant staff and our experience with you. Thank you again! - Larry from MI
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Hi, Terry and Phyllis! Thank you for all your help. The 5th Wheel is wonderful. We are delighted. You gave us great service. - Patsy from Granite Bay, CA
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Hi, just was going through older emails and came across yours. Not sure if you remember us but we came over to Birch Run to purchase our Cambria last March. We have enjoyed it thoroughly and are looking forward to getting back out with her. I will tell you that there is NOTHING quite like waking up in the morning and being able to ride our mountain bikes right from the front door!!!! She did tell me that her name is Gretta!!! We managed to put 8,000 miles on last year alone. Hope things are going as well as can be expected with the economy.
Thanks again for everything.
Linda Garvey
- Linda